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Montana Water/Wastewater

Agency Response Network

MTWARN Mission Promoting statewide emergency preparedness, disaster response, and mutual assistance for public water and wastewater utilities.

Why Should My Utility Join MTWARN?

  • Provides access to all member utilities statewide with a single agreement.
  • Saves time and money by sharing sector specific tools and skills.
  • Provides access to incident planning and coordination resources.
  • Opportunity for quicker response because of access to resources.
  • Reduces administrative conflict.
  • Protects the utilities through an agreement containing indemnification and workers’ compensation provisions. Provisions for cost reimbursement are also included.
  • Provides a list of emergency contacts and available resources.

How MTWARN Helps Montana Utilities.

The utilities helping utilities concept gives water and wastewater utilities the opportunity to be more resilient during disaster response and recovery.

Disasters transcend political jurisdictional boundaries. Multiutility coordination is crucial to protect lives and property and to facilitate the efficient use of available assets.

MTWARN is designed to provide quick and professional assistance in any situation that overwhelms the capabilities of a water or wastewater utility.

Mutual aid programs are critical to utility systems for many reasons:

Utilities require specialized resources to sustain operations during disasters.

Government response agencies and critical infrastructure rely on water supplies.

State and federal resources are not immediately available.

Utilities must plan for sustaining operations immediately following major incidents.

Disasters impact utility employees and their families, as well as customers.

MTWARN Supporters

  • American Water Works Association
  • Association of State Drinking Water Administrators
  • Montana Department of Environmental Quality
  • Montana Disaster and Emergency Services
  • Montana Rural Water Systems
  • Midwest Assistance Program
  • National Association of Water Companies
  • National Rural Water Association U.S.
  • Environmental Protection Agency Water
  • Environment Federation

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